Zig and sharko

Zig & Sharko is a French cartoon created by Olivier Jean-Marie and produced by Xilam. On a desert island lives Zig the hyena. He aims to eat Marina the mermaid, with help from his hermit crab friend Bernie. However, Marina's bodyguard Sharko stops them at every turn.

Fishy Story (S01E01)

Marina blows up a fish just for fun.

Later, Zig inflates a group of fish in an attempt to get Marina, but Sharko takes them out with sea urchins.

Mermaid's Pups (S01E07)

A sea bird lands on Zig's breathing tube, so Zig blows it up, causing it to lose its feathers.

The Mermaid in the Sky (S01E10)

Marina gives a restrained Zig an oxygen mask.

Waterski Hit! (S01E13)

When Marina decides to do waterskiing, Zig gets the Crazy Dolphin to help him catch her, but the first attempt leaves Zig bloated with water.

Blown Up! (S01E23)

Sharko blows up Zig after another failed attempt.

Aqua Golf (S01E26)

Zig inhales a bubble to survive underwater.

Silly Sleight of Hand (S01E31)

After Marina takes the magic hat Zig was using, he gets the idea to use the magic wand to transport himself into the hat to get her.

Birthday Party (S01E34)

Zig puts dynamite in Marina's birthday cake, so Sharko swallows it to keep her safe.

Coral Reef Cowboys (S01E56)

Zig takes a seahorse and blows it up, but the air blows back into him.

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