Xiaolin Showdown title

Xiaolin Showdown is an animated fantasy-action series created by Christy Hui at Warner Bros. Animation that lasted from November 2003 to May 2006. The series was followed up in 2013 by Xiaolin Chronicles, produced without Warner Bros. Animation's involvement.

The story follows the adventures of Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay, four young warriors who are chosen to protect magical artifacts named Shen Gong Wu against evil.

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Ring of the Nine Dragons (S01E07)

Omi uses the Ring of the Nine Dragons to divide himself. One part of him just feels like eating.

Sizing Up Omi (S02E06)

Omi Belly Inflation & Size Growth02:39

Omi Belly Inflation & Size Growth

Enter the Dragon (S02E07)

Dojo regurgitates the Xiaolin and the Heylin after reforming from his urge to collect the Shen Gon Wu.

Dreamscape (S02E10)

Eight-Way Xiaolin Showdown - Sumo Wrestling03:23

Eight-Way Xiaolin Showdown - Sumo Wrestling

The Xiaolin are forced to sumo wrestle with their nightmares to win the Shen Gon Wu under Jack Spicer's command.

Master Monk Guan (S02E11)

Xiaolin Showdown S2E11 Master Monk Guan20:56

Xiaolin Showdown S2E11 Master Monk Guan

Dojo appears to be putting on weight, even more so when Chase prepares to turn him into an ingredient for Lao Mang Long Soup.

The Deep Freeze (S02E13)

The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back (S02E16)

One of the Jacks made by the Ring of the Nine Dragons is fat, a similar event to when Omi used it.

The Demon Seed (S02E20)

Dojo has a gassy reaction to the unleashing of the Heylin Seed.

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