X-DuckX is a 2001 French-Canadian animated show about the wacky adventures of two best friends who are fans of extreme sports


A bunch of people, including the 2 ducks, ate a lot of greasy food for a eating contest. The 2 ducks won and earned a trophy. They skateboarded a long and steep ramp then going to a hot dog stand to be fed with lots of hot dogs, making them both fatter. Throughout the episode, the 2 ducks are big and fat and are being trained by a trainer for them to l ose weight.

X-Duckx -01b- Verfressen07:01

X-Duckx -01b- Verfressen

Pig Out


The 2 ducks and a guy are fed with lots of burgers, making them fat at the end. The 2 ducks went to the bathroom because of eating too much and they're now skinny, leaving the man fat throughout the episode

X DuckX S01E14 Xtrem Abgefüllt08:03

X DuckX S01E14 Xtrem Abgefüllt


A pair of ducks grabbed the cow utters and used it to let milk out on the bull and made it inflate.

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