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Wario Land is a series of platform video games by Nintendo. Each game features Wario on a quest to obtain as many coins and treasures as possible while defeating enemies.

Wario Land II

When Wario eats a cake from a Cook, he becomes Fat Wario. In this state, Wario moves more slowly but can destroy thick blocks and easily defeat enemies.

Wario Land 3

Wario becomes Fat Wario when he eats a doughnut from a Doughnuteer or an apple from an Appleby.

One of the bosses in this game, Pesce, must be defeated by being fed cheese. When he eats enough, he will sink to the bottom and get stuck in a hole due to his massive size. Pesce also expands if he eats Wario.

Another boss, Helio, must be defeated by becoming inflated. Wario can do this by pumping him with air.

Wario Land 4

Wario becomes Fat Wario when he eats an apple from an Ringosukī.