Wakfu Logo
Creator/Developer Anthony "Tot" Roux
Production company(s) Ankama Animation
Country(s) of origin France
Original run October 30, 2008 - present
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Episodes featuring expansion 3/57
Expansion instances 3
Expansion types featured Stuffing
Weight gain

Wakfu is a French media franchise produced by Ankama. It is a continuation of Dofus, a Flash-based MMORPG that was released in September 2004. The series consists of video games, animated shows and comic series produced by Ankama Animation and Ankama Games. The ongoing television series is animated with Adobe Flash and began airing on October 30, 2008. A spin-off series with super-deformed characters called Mini-Wakfu has aired since September 2009.

The plot of the cartoon takes place a millennium after Dofus. Yugo is an orphaned child living with his adoptive father, Alibert. One day he discovers he has control over "Wakfu", which allows him to summon portals. This prompts him to join a band of heroes and begin a quest to find his true family. Opposing Yugo is Nox, a man who wishes to collect wakfu to power a mysterious artifact.


Vampyro (S01E06)

As repayment for defeating Vampyro, Wagner treats everyone to a hearty feast. Yugo slouches in his chair with a full belly.

Igol (S01E21)

Adamaï fights Nox's vicious bow-wow called Igol. Midway through the fight, he is swallowed by the beast. When Yugo discovers what happens he forces Igol to cough up his brother by slamming it into a wall.

Monsters and Chimeras (S02E01)

After trying Alibert's food, Az is so full that he has difficulty flying.


Shak Shaka #1

Yugo is transformed into a short and fat version of himself by a funhouse mirror.

Shak Shaka #2

Yugo's changes from last volume carry over. Amalia imagines herself being fattened up by a king who is smitten with her, who also gains weight.