Włatcy Móch - a polish cartoon that ran from 2008 to 2010. It is widely considered "Polish South Park", or "Southpark ripoff". The cartoon revolves around four boys and their everyday shenanigans. It was a fad in 2008.

S02E06 Radyjko Babci

Pani Frał (Ms.Frau) gets stuffed with dumplings.

S03E01 Próhnica

Czesio has to eat various inedible things to satisfy his "angry" man-eating cecum, ending up with a bloated stomach.

S03E06 Fluder

Andżelika (Angelica) gets chubbier when she gets injected with a syringe containing Czesio's lympocyte.

S04E06 Pździoszczoła i test z majzy

Boys swell up due to getting attacked by a wasp to skip a math test.

S04E010 Styl Brusliego

Rzeński Pjewjosnek

Anusiak gets stuffed after eating half of school food, because he is pregnant with an alien embryo in order to be the first male to give birth to a baby to get 1 million dolars Maślana wants to get from Rotschild.

Chłopaki Strażaki

After a dragon was being served wine from the school nurse dressed pretty, the dragon felt sick and drank a lot of water, thus hiccuping and having his belly bloat in order to use "number 1" to take out the fire on the school.

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