Viva Piñata
Creator/Developer Norman J. Grossfeld
Lloyd Golfdine
Production company(s) Bardel Entertainment
4Kids Entertainment
Rare Ltd.
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run August 26, 2006 - January 18, 2009
Genre(s) Unknown
Episodes featuring expansion /52
Expansion instances
Expansion types featured Vore
Liquid inflation
Weight gain

Viva Piñata is a computer animated TV series based on the video game of the same name. It was created by 4Kids Entertainment, Bardel Entertainment, and Rare Ltd. The show takes place on Piñata Island, where many species of piñata live. Most piñatas want to entertain at parties (by being busted open and having their candy eaten). The stories revolve around a group of piñata friends.

Season 1 Opening

Fergy hides inside Tina and Teddington to get away from Langston.

A Chewnicorn in the Garden (S01E02b)

A Flutterscotch drinks too much nectar from a flower.

Confetti-itis (S01E17b)

Dr. Quackberry creates a cure for Franklin's Confetti-itis, and a side effect is increased candiosity. This makes healthy piñatas want the cure, as well. However, it causes them all to get fat. In the end, they found the cure and return to their normal size.

Sumo Tsunami (S02E07a)

Fergy becomes a sumo wrestler just to eat great amounts of food.

Mr. Unbustable (S02E08a)

When Fergy states that he will become buff, his belly comically hangs out.

Party Parasite (S02E09a)

Paulie, Fergy, and Franklin are shrunk and sent inside Hudson to stop a candy-eating parasite, which is actually Professor Pester and the Ruffians. They all get out before returning to normal size, but Pester's machine ends up inside Dr. Quackberry, who is blown to bits. Fergy also stays behind in Hudson for candy, leading to the others bashing him out.

The Transparent Trap (S02E10b)

Fergy gets fat after going to the Top Off Machine in the Cannoñata.

Zip It Good (S02E19b)

Professor Pester's Ruffians have gotten fat and Dr. Quackberry tested if their "self control bone" has been stressed to the limit, and he concludes that the limit has been reached. Professor Pester remarks that he told them to not drink too much chocolate milk. One of the Ruffians then starts to implode and he bursts in a shower of chocolate milk which covers Dr. Quackberry.

The Amazing Hudini (S02E25b)

One of Hudson's acts as an impossibilist involves eating a hot air balloon, which is inflated until he bursts.