Trouble Chocolate is a 20-episode comedy/parody anime produced in 1999. The main character is Cacao, a student at Micro-Grand Academy who studies magic (which he doesn't care about). He one day eats 200-year-old magic chocolate, becomes drunk, and ruins his magic teacher's spell. This causes the tree spirit Hinano to enter the body of a marionette, and then she starts living with Cacao.

In Comes Trouble (E01)

When Cacao eats the 200-year-old chocolate, he puffs up for a moment as a reaction.

Athletic Supporters (E07)

Cacao imagines what he would do if he won the school games: eat all the dumplings he wants using the gift certificate for a month of free food.

The Incredible Mister Pencil (E15)

Almond eats the food he drew up with Mister Pencil, but it pops inside him since it's really just magical pictures.

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