Time Bokan 24
Main timebokan24
Director(s) Takayuki Inagaki
Production company(s) Tatsunoko
Original run October 1, 2016 - present
Genre(s) Adventure
Science fiction
Episodes featuring expansion 1/9+
Expansion instances 1
Expansion types featured Stuffing

Time Bokan 24 is an anime series and a commemorator of Tatsunoko Production's 55th anniversary. Junior high student Tokio is sent to the 24th century and learns that the history written in textbooks is all incorrect. Becoming an agent for the Space-Time Administration Bureau, he and his partner Calen travel through time to find the True History. Against them is the Akudama Trio, employees of the textbook company History Paradise. They attempt to stop the True History from being found so the textbooks won't have to be remade.

Seton Animal Chronicles Was Actually Donut Chronicles! (E08)

The Akudama Trio is stuffed with doughnuts as punishment for failing the mission.

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