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The New Adventures of Nanoboy is a Singaporean cartoon produced by Scrawl Studios Pte. Ltd. from December 2008 to September 2010. It is about Oscar, a nine-year-old boy who whenever needed can turn into Nanoboy, the world's smallest superhero. With his team, Isaac Neuron and Corona Jane (nicknamed CJ), they protect the Microcosmos.

Corona Jane is a reformed flu virus who possesses rubber-like properties that allow her to morph her body.

Attack of the Sparkling Bling Bling (S01E01a)

Corona Jane becomes like an air cushion to stop some falling statues.

Mitomorphosis (S01E02a)

CJ turns into a ball and chain to help break into Mito's lair.

Worms (S01E02b)

After the team's ship crashes because of a worm, CJ acts as an airbag.

Groovy Attraction (S01E07b)

CJ becomes a ball to get past females controlled by pheromones.