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Welcome to the The Fudge Yeah Cartoon Fatness Wiki
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Have you ever seen that common scenario in cartoons or comics in which a character bloats up in seconds as more than just a gag? Then this is the right place for your awkward obsession. Take a gander at some things that just might interest you in a brand new Wikia edition of a highly followed Tumblr blog, in the tradition of the Animated Foot Scene Wiki, the Fudge Yeah Cartoon Fatness Wiki!

Help this wiki grow! And grow...
  • No characters who were plus-size to begin with. You can find a few on the Tumblr, but not on here. This specifically focuses on characters expanding.
  • No pregnancy. It just doesn't count.
  • No suit/clothing inflation. For example, the scene from The Big Wash. Only bodies themselves must be seen expanded even if imaginary.
  • No creation of categories other than species, country of origin or production company, unless you are a moderator.
  • No inflation that doesn't involve the belly or thighs, such as Homer Simpson's head blowing up like a balloon and exploding.
  • No characters thinking they're gaining weight when they do not look like it.
  • No risque content unless it is black-boxed.
  • No fan art on any article other than your user page, only screencaps and scans. Your dreams don't count either.
  • No vandalism. Please show your disgust towards this wiki somewhere else.
  • No constant commenting, especially if you are an anonymous user. One or two per page per day is enough.
  • No sexism. This wiki does not cover just expansion of a certain gender.
  • No opinions. Keep the articles formal.
  • No excitement. Leave your heavy breathing to the Fetish Fuel Wiki.
  • No whining or any other sort of weird behavior, especially if a show does not have the kind of expansion you want to see.
  • No thumbnails to sort out screenshots. The Gallery feature is to your right.
  • No span formatting. Check the Source before posting and remove anything related to .
  • No live-action unless the character is CG or a cartoonish puppet. CG Violet counts, not suit-wearing Violet.
  • No complete book scans. Only scan the pages that this wiki needs, or else the authors won't get their money.
  • No Wikipedia-style pages. Just look at what has become of the Animated Foot Scene Wiki.
  • No copying directly from Wikipedia. Write information in as much of your own words as possible.
  • No watermarks. Channel bugs are acceptable, but not uploader watermarks.
  • No fetishy webcomics. Only capture fatness when it's used as a gag, do not use Bridgette's Belly or Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy, or even really funny ones like Murry Purry Fresh and Furry.
  • No blank pages. Plenty of these have been added to this Wiki, so please say where you found the episodes in the comments to make the page easier to complete, or go to Expansion sightings.
  • No new pages without any episode citation. Not everybody knows when it all happens.
  • No isolated screencaps. They will only be accepted if they are added to an article under the name of the episodes they came from.
  • No self-promotion. Web animation will only be added if it has a wide internet recognition.
  • No mentioning of the word "obese". Except for Stripperella, just don't.
Handy links
  • Fudge Yeah Cartoon Fatness - The original blog!
  • The Belly Expansion/Weight Gain Group - A Yahoo group from the creator of this site that needs more files. The admin isn't even remembering.
  • Animexpansion - Various anime female expansion sightings found in forums and pictures as well as NSFW (and sometimes quite offensive) fan art.
  • Satiety Girl - A Japanese website with plenty of information about anime girl fatness you only have to translate.
  • Shadowlord Inc. - The second place that introduced this Wiki's founder to cartoon expansion. The first was television.
  • Cartoon Gluttony 2 - The top Yahoo group for real cartoon expansion.
  • Cartoon Gluttony Acess - The spin-off of the last link, with more fan art.
  • Cartoon Chubbies Ahead - For those who want to post about plus-size characters. Just don't post any girls.
  • TV Tropes - Some handy info on expansion scenes. Only in text, though.
  • BigBellyDB - For those who want info about round guts from any form of entertainment.
  • Clothes Inflation Wikia - If you want to discuss suit inflation, this is just the right place for you!

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