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The Critic is a 1994 animated American comedy series created by Al Jean and Mike Reiss. It focuses on the life of semi-successful professional film critic Jay Sherman as he navigates life, family, and love, while riffing on popular films. It was briefly revived in 2000 as a Flash animated web series.

Eyes on the Prize (S1E06)

Jay gains weight on the advice of his clinically imbalanced image consultant. He eventually loses the weight with a year-long liposuction session.

Siskel & Evert & Jay & Alice (S2E02)

Jay swells up like a blueberry after stealing candy from Willy Wonka.

From Chunk to Hunk (S2E05)

Jay and his son Marty go to a diet camp. Marty instantly slims down, but later regains his weight after eating the contents of an ice cream store.

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