The Cleveland Show
El Show de Cleveland (The Cleveland Show) Logo
Creator/Developer Seth MacFarlane
Richard Appel
Mike Henry
Production company(s) Person Unknown Productions
Happy Jack Productions
Fuzzy Door Productions
Fox Television Animation
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run September 27, 2009 - May 19, 2013
Genre(s) Adult
Episodes featuring expansion 2/88
Expansion instances 2
Expansion types featured Stuffing, Weight gain

The Cleveland Show is an animated sitcom created by Seth McFarlane which lasted from September 27, 2009 until May 19, 2013. The show is a spin-off of McFarlane's popular series Family Guy. It stars Cleveland Brown, his new wife Donna and their children Roberta, Cleveland Jr. and Rallo.

It's the Great Pancake, Junior Brown (S02E04)

Sex and the Biddy (S03E06)

A buff man gives Cleveland a form fitting girdle, who also reveals to be fat given he wears one too, to give Donna the impression he's really working out. However, Cleveland wears tighter and tighter girdles to keep up with the charade as he gains weight. At the superintendent’s dinner party, when taking a bite of half a shrimp puff, it was enough for Cleveland's final girdle to snap off causing all his fat to show including going to his body.

Dancing With the Stools (S03E10)

While Cleveland and Donna compete in a dance contest, Roberta ends up babysitting Rallo. Unfortunately, Roberta ends up gaining weight from eating nothing but Rallo's junk food, making her clothes too tight. To accommodate this, she changes into Donna's clothes.

Squirt's Honor (S04E18)

Cleveland Jr. reveals to Rallo that he's been sucking his gut in and when he lets it out, the new sash he's wearing that Rallo made snapped that sends one of the badges to crack the camera.

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