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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is a Japanese franchise created by Bushiroad. Starting off as an online radio series, it was followed by a manga, video games and an anime series that went through three seasons throughout 2010 to 2013. It is about a detective agency named Milky Holmes, comprised of four young girls - named after popular fictional detectives - who solve mysteries and do anything to get back their Toys, a name for supernatural abilities.

The Secret of Baritsu (S01E04)

Three of the girls become stuffed from a large pile of bananas the villains offered them while imprisoned.

Got Vacation? Then Take It 2 (S01E09)

The girls are possessed by their ancestors, resulting in Hercule Barton (Poirot) and Nero Yuzurizaki (Wolfe) putting on weight.

Nice Sushi (S02E02)

The girls all gain weight straight after eating a whole pile of sushi.

The Strange Tales of Hakkei Island (S02E03)