Superboy is the name of several characters in the DC Comics universe, earlier versions simply a depiction of Superman in his teenage years. He was created by Jerry Siegel and introduced in 1944 due to the success of Robin, the Boy Wonder.

The Super-Fat Boy of Steel! (Superboy #24, 1949)

The Stolen Identities! (Adventure Comics #270, 1960)

The Fat Boy of Steel! (Adventure Comics #298, 1962)

The Menace of the Mystery Legionnairre! (Adventure Comics #330, 1965)

The Execution of Matter-Eater Lad! (Adventure Comics #345, 1966)

The Dog from S.P.C.A.! (Superboy #131, 1966)

The original incarnation of Mammoth Mutt, a dog with the ability to inflate himself, makes his only appearance in which a missile is fired straight through his body, killing him.

Decoy of the Doom Statues! (Superboy #136, 1967)

Mammoth Mutt's former girlfriend, Mammoth Miss, is present, but for this story only.

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