Stickin' Around is a Canadian animated series created by Robin Steele and Brianne Leary that lasted from 1996 to 1998 with three seasons produced.

The series focuses on Stacy Stickler and her best friend Bradley, two young stick people who deal with everything in their life, from everyone they know to school.

And the Wiener Is... (S01E03b)

Bradley and Stacy inflate from taking deep breaths to make their argument stronger, one of them becoming taller than the other until they explode and end up normal again.

This is a Hiccup! (S01E09b)

Stacy has a case of the hiccups and cannot perform on stage, so Bradley fills her up with water from a tank truck. This does not help, as Stacy produces an earth-shattering hiccup.

Return Your Seats to an Uptight Position (S01E13a)

Stacy flies the plane to a Mr. Gristle restaurant, where terrorists Lance and Russell eat too much and become incapacitated.

What's the Flap, Jack? (S02E06a)

Stacy tries to break the record for world's longest trumpet note.

Stacy and Bradley make the world's biggest pancake, but it becomes a monster, so Bradley eats it to stop it.