Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Creator/Developer Daron Nefcy
Production company(s) Disney Television Animation
Mercury Filmworks
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run January 18, 2015 - present
Genre(s) Action
Episodes featuring expansion 1/10
Expansion instances 1
Expansion types featured Weight gain
Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a Disney animated series created by Daron Nefcy that previewed its first two episodes in January 2015, followed by another two in February, and will premiere officially in late March. The show is about the escapades of Star Butterfly, a magical princess who is moved out of her home dimension to a school on Earth, where she becomes a foreign exchange student and the roommate of self-proclaimed karate master Marco Diaz. Monsters throughout the universe will track down Star, so she teams up with Marco to fight them and protect her wand.

The Other Foreign Exchange Student (S01E03b)

Star becomes convinced that the new foreign exchange student Gustav is a fraud and a cannibal who wants to fatten up the Diaz family with his meatballs.

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