Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning
Logo-Spiral Anime
Director(s) Shingo Kaneko
Production company(s) J.C.Staff
Original run October 1, 2002 - March 25, 2003
Genre(s) Comedy
Episodes featuring expansion 1/25
Expansion instances 1
Expansion types featured Stuffing

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning is a manga series written by Kyou Shirodaira and published from 2000 to 2005 with an anime series running from October 2002 to late March 2003. A prequel manga series, Spiral: Alive, was published from 2004 to 2008.

In the story, a teenage boy named Ayumu Narumi is accused of murdering a fellow student and has to investigate the mystery behind the Blade Children mentioned in the final words of detective Narumi Kiyotaka.

Shimmering Fragrance (S01E14)