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This media contains realistic depictions of weight gain, which may be unpleasant to certain readers.
South Park
South Park Logo
Creator/Developer Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Production company(s) Comedy Central
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run August 13, 1997 - present
Genre(s) Adult
Episodes featuring expansion 9/257+
Expansion instances 9
Expansion types featured Weight gain

South Park is an adult animated sitcom created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker which airs on Comedy Central. The show focuses on the lives of four boys (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick) in a small town in Colorado called South Park. The show parodies topics from pop culture to politics.

Weight Gain 4000 (S01E02)

Cartman "gets in shape" throughout the episode by drinking Weight Gain 4000.

Damien (S01E10)

Cartman appears bloated after gorging on all the food from his birthday party.

Chef Goes Nanners (S04E07)

Kenny wolfs down antacid tablets (thought to have been mints) and explodes when he drinks a glass of water.

A Very Crappy Christmas (S04E17)

A cockroach gains weight after eating cookies Kyle left for Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo.

Jared Has Aides (S06E01)

Cartman plans a big money scheme by having Butters gain weight, then lose it from other ways while faking that he loses it by eating nothing but City Wok

Raisins (S07E04)

Make Love, Not Warcraft (S10E08)

When playing World of Warcraft the boys have been getting whipped by another player with a higher level experience than they do. The boys try to increase their level experience by spending more time killing boars in the game. While they are doing this, the boys' weight increases also.

More Crap (S11E09)

Randy's belly becomes bloated, as he attempts to break the record for Worlds Biggest Crap.

Raising the Bar (S16E09)

After Kyle says that Cartman could become obese, and end up using a mobility scooter, Cartman purposefully embraces this status, and sues those that get in his way.

You're not yelping (S19E04)

Cartman now considers himself the top on-line restaurant reviewer in South Park.

Doubling Down (S21E07)

Frustrated with his girlfriend Heidi's vegan diet, Cartman feeds her "Beyond KFC" to the point that she begins to put on weight.

Moss Piglets (S21E08)

Heidi has now gained a noticeable amount of weight, and has picked up Cartmans character traits. By the end of the episode, she swallows a jar fillled with twenty thousand sentient water bears, which move inside of her later.