Son of the Mask is the 2005 sequel to The Mask from 1994, which is based on a Dark Horse Comics series. In this comedy film, cartoonist Tim Avery becomes the owner of the Mask and impregnates his wife Tonya while wearing it. She gives birth to Alvey, who has supernatural powers and drives Tim crazy while Tonya is on a business trip. Otis, the family dog, uses the Mask to try to kill Alvey out of want for attention. In addition, the Norse god Loki, who created the Mask, is seeking to take it back to Valhalla because it caused too much trouble, ordered by his father Odin. The film was negatively reviewed by many.

One of Otis' attempts to kill Alvey ends with him being flattened. Alvey blows him up and lets him go flying.

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