Creator/Developer Todd Kauffman
Joey So
Production company(s) Nelvana
Country(s) of origin Canada
Original run September 3, 2010 - September 14, 2013
Genre(s) Comedy
Episodes featuring expansion 5/104
Expansion instances 6
Expansion types featured Stuffing

Sidekick is a Canadian animated series by Todd Kauffman and Joey So, starting out as five shorts on the series Funpak. It is about an orphan named Eric Needles who is the sidekick of the secretly missing superhero Maxum Man. With his friends, Trevor, Vanna, and Kitty, they train to be sidekicks at a school in Splittsboro.

Days of Golly (S01E03b)

After a food fight, Trevor appears stuffed.

Shopping Spree (S01E24a)

After eating a breakfast made by Maxum Mom, Eric gains a belly that rips his shirt. Later, Eric tries on an outfit that shows his belly.

Anty Maim (S02E03b)

Eric and Trevor try to get rid of the giant ants with poison in a restaurant, but it doesn't work.

Iron Sidechef (S02E14b)

Trevor eats the nachos Eric made.

Opossum Man (S03E01b)

Trevor eats at Opossum Man's buffet.