Director(s) Akira
Production company(s) Shaft
Original run January 11, 2013 - March 29, 2013
Genre(s) Comedy
Episodes featuring expansion 3/12
Expansion instances 2
Expansion types featured Stuffing
Weight gain

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai is a light novel series written by Akira, illustrated by Hidari and targeted to a male audience since 2009. It was adapted to a manga in 2012 and a 12-episode anime series in 2013.

It revolves around high school shut-in Sasami, whose brother Kamiomi accidentally unleashes chaos from possessing a god's power, and can only rely on the Yagami sisters, a woman older than she looks, a little girl younger than she looks, and a teenage cyborg, to put things right.

You Think I'm Taking This Seriously? (S01E05)

Tsurugi beats all men at an eating contest.

Strategic Solitude (S01E08)

Sasami secludes herself in her room and grows fat overnight; this is due to the spirit of Juju, her mother, being placed into her body.

It's Not That I Can't Do It (S01E09)

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