Sabrina: The Animated Series is a cartoon adaptation of Archie's Sabrina the Teenage Witch comics and the live-action television sitcom of the same name, depicting the title character as a 12-year-old who attends middle school. Created by Savage Steve Holland, it ran from September 1999 to late February 2000, followed by a television movie named Sabrina: Friends Forever in October 2002. A continuation to the series, Sabrina's Secret Life, was released in 2003.

Picture Perfect (S01E07)

Gem Stone Wg00:25

Gem Stone Wg


As Sabrina competes against Gem Stone, she conjures up a spell that unflatteringly balloons Gem up until the spell is broken, giving Sabrina a chance.

Working Witches (S01E61)

Salem eats so much that he has to carry his belly on a wheelbarrow, only failing to do so.

The Bat Pack (S01E65)

Sabrina is ordered by the vampire gangsters to eat all the garlic in the room.

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