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Random! Cartoons is an animation showcase that aired on Nicktoons. It was created by Fred Seibert and produced by Frederator Incorperated and Nickelodeon. It had thirteen episodes, each comprised of three shorts.

Yaki & Yumi (E05b)

Yaki gets a job at an arcade concession stand to get food, but the kids keep ordering. His hunger drives him to eat everything left, which he barfs up after trying to win the dance competition.


Garlic Boy (E08c)

Fungus gets belly bloats, but Garlic Boy's garlic tonic cures him.

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Fanboy (E13b)

Chum Chum gets stuck on the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine.

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HandyCat: Bees-nees As Usual (E13c)

HandyCat accidentally touches a bee and gets an allergic reaction to the sting.

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These shorts became their own series.