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RWBY Chibi is a non-canon comedic spin-off of RWBY, the webseries created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions, that began airing in May 2016 on the official RT site and YouTube channel.


In "Tubby Tummy", Yang tries to lose weight. She sees Nora eat a whole cake in one bite and briefly become stuffed before burping back to her slim apperance, much to Yang's displeasure.


In "Ren Makes Pancakes", someone keeps stealing Ren's pancakes, and it is revealed to be Nora after he sets a trap.


In "Junior Detectives: Bad Cop", while going through a line of suspects in a missing pancake crime, Ren points out Nora, who is suspiciously bloated.


In "Geist Buster", the Geist possesses a stack of pancakes, but was eaten by Nora.


In "Mysterious Red Button", when Cinder push the button, many heavy things falls over her, Fat Nora is the last one that falls over Cinder.