Puss in Boots is a direct-to-video film made in 1999 by Phil Nibbelink. It is based on the fairy tale of the same name. Handsome Gunther is a poor man with an anthropomorphic cat as is only possession. The cat uses his wits to help turn Gunther into a prince. Part of the plan includes winning the heart of the Princess, but she is captured by an ogre who wants to marry her. Gunther and the cat then have to rescue her.

Near the end of the movie, Puss in Boots and Gunther rescue the princess from the ogre who then transforms into a fire-breathing dragon, he then proceeds to breathe fire at them out of his mouth. Puss in Boots using his quick wits, stops the dragon by wrapping a chain around his mouth to close it, blocking the fire. With fire still being produced inside the dragon, it all backfires and builds up in him, blowing the dragon up.