Puchimas! Petit Idolmaster is a manga series, written and illustrated by Akane, based on the Idolmaster franchise by Bandai Namco Games, which began on September 2008. It centers on the idols and staff of


the talent agency 765 Production, which are joined by miniaturized versions of themselves known as Puchidols. It was later adapted into an original net animation by Gathering, with its first season streamed online between January and March 2013, and its second season between April and June 2014.

Takanya, The Undefeated Prodigy (S02E64)

Ami and Mami Futami try to defeat Puchidol Takanya in various events, but fail. One such event was an ramen eating contest, which ended in a defeat for Ami and Mami and an additional stuffed belly for Mami.

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