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Pound Puppies is an animated television spin-off of the toyline of the same name, airing on The Hub from 2010 to 2013 and developed by Wendy Moss Klein, Nancy Steingard, Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere. The Pound Puppies in the show are operators of a secret underground facility below Shelter 17, helping dogs find new homes and occasionally conflicting with the Kennel Kittens.

Homeward Pound (S01E11)

Pound Puppies - Dynamic Pup Duo01:46

Pound Puppies - Dynamic Pup Duo

Kennel Kittens Return (S01E24)

The Kennel Kittens distract the dogs with a large pile of bacon while they steal the Finger-mabob 6000.

I'm Ready For My Close Pup (S03E8)

Pooches (disguised as Cupcake) bites on a water pipe, causing her to inflate briefly.

The Road to Empawerment (S03E24)

Four of the dogs eat from a strange cheese fountain.

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