Poochini title
is a 2000 American animated series created by Dave Thomas. The series centers around a dog named Poochini, who once lived a life of luxury with his wealthy owner, when his owner dies he is adopted in the pound by the average, yet eccentric, White family. The series ran for a single season and was produced at WildBrain Entertainment.

Barking Orders (S01E25)

Poochini eats an entire roasted chicken.

Massive Hound (S01E35)

Poochini is put on a diet of exercise and alfalfa, but the alfalfa only causes him to inflate, which the Whites mistake for weight gain.

Remote Control (S01E48)

Billy gets fat from eating birthday cake.

Poochersize (S01E59)

Noticing his weight, Poochini decides to begin exercising. Simultaneously, Walter keeps gaining weight. In the end Poochini gives in and starts eating again.

Recyclers (S01E64)

Billy makes Poochini drink several cans of soda in order to recycle them for money.

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