Pocahontas xlg

Pocahontas is a 1995 animated feature film directed by Mike Gabirel and Eric Goldberg, the 33rd animated feature produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Despite mixed reviews and its inspiration from the history of the real Native American Pocahontas, who died in March 1617 at a young age, its lead character counts as the 7th in the Disney Princess lineup.

The story is a fantasy retelling of her encounter with John Smith of new England, at an older age than the true story, and depicts her as a young woman who does not go by her father's orders when she is chosen to marry one of her kind, going for Smith instead. A conflict arises when the other English colonists attempt to destroy the land of the natives.

Flit gets his beak stuck to Pocahontas and Nakoma's canoe, drowning in cartoon fashion when it flips over.

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