Pink Panther
Creator/Developer Friz Freleng
and more
Production company(s) Warner Bros. Animation
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run December 18, 1964 - December 31, 1978
Genre(s) Family
Episodes featuring expansion /92
Expansion instances
Expansion types featured Stuffing
Liquid inflation
Weight gain
Air inflation
Blake Edwards' Pink Panther is a classic cartoon series produced by DePatie-Freleng, starring the anthropomorphic panther. pink trumpet

2. Pink Pajamas

Also repeated in episode 70, Pink-In.

Pink Panther is brushing his teeth and the toothbrush bounces around his body.

8. Shocking Pink

29. In the Pink

Pink Panther becomes fat and decides to go to the gym.

40. Come On In! The Water's Pink

36. Pink Outs

47. The Pink Pill

52. Pink Sphinx

62. Extinct Pink

A caveman runs with a bone, but is swallowed by a man eating plant. Thankfully for him, the plant ends up spitting him out

63. A Fly In The Pink

85. Mystic Pink

Pink Panthers stomach bloats and rumbles in hunger.

89. Pinky Doodle

After being flushed into the water supply, Pink Panther is pumped out of a water pump, only for some water to be trapped in his body..

90. Sherlock Pink

Pink Panther eats a cake in his sleep..

92. Therapeutic Pink

96. Pink Trumpet

98. Dietetic Pink

101. Cat and the Pinkstalk

106. Yankee Doodle Pink

A re-issue of episode 89, Pinky Doodle.