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Peanuts is a syndicated comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz in 1950, and recognized as a strip series so popular and iconic that it changed the face of newspaper strips.

June 24, 1962

Snoopy tries to eat through the tall grass around his doghouse, but gets too full to make it very far.

February 8-12, 1965

Snoopy's failed romance with a female beagle on the ice-skating rink leads him stress-eating to try and forget about it.

August 13-October 4, 1975

When Snoopy's brother Spike arrives, Lucy is appalled at how stick-thin he is. Therefore, she fattens him up. This would later be recreated in the 2003 TV special, I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown.

April 11-12, 1980

Snoopy buys 23 hot dogs from Lucy and promptly eats them all.

June 15-24, 1982

Sally Brown returns from "Beanbag Camp", where children sit on beanbags and eat junk food while watching television, and has gained weight over the course of two weeks. This is also adapted in the TV series.

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