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My Life as a Teenage Robot is a Nickelodeon cartoon series created by Rob Renzetti that lasted from 2003 to 2009. The show centers around Jenny Wakeman, also known as XJ-9, a robot who acts like a teenager when she is designed to protect Earth.

Pest Control (S01E01b)

Jenny bloats up when the rats are nibbling at her wires.

A Robot for All Seasons (S02E01)

Tuck briefly gains weight after eating all of Santa's cookies during their feast with Santa. When Jenny flies everyone home, she comments that Tuck is weighing them down. Later, Jenny is seen ruining the Independence Day fireworks while under the control of Todd Sweeney, containing the explosion of the last one inside her.

Victim of Fashion (S02E11)

Jenny rivals the Krust cousins' skinny appearances by showing that she can do it too. Her first attempt backfires as she twists up in the air and gains a pot belly that shrinks on her second attempt.

Infectious Personality (S03E08a)

Tuck's infection gives him excessive gas, which causes him to swell up like a balloon at certain stages.

Labor Day (S03E10b)

Jenny bloats up when she is charging up, so much that her navel pops out and releases all the electricity, sending her zooming through the town and causing mayhem and destruction.

The Price of Love (S03E11b)

Pteresa finds a new boyfriend, Sebastian, and walks with him and the Krust cousins, laughing about how "the popular girls always win". 20 years later, Pteresa is now having to put up with parenthood and the Krust cousins have gained weight, Brit even more so than Tiff.

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