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Moby Dick and the Secret of Mu is a French-Luxembourgian cartoon, created by Eric Paul Marais and Philippe Duchêne and directed by Benoît Petit, that aired in 2005. It revolves around a boy named Romy, who was rescued as a baby by the crew of Captain Ahab's ship, but escaped it twelve years later with the help of the white whale, Moby Dick. He reaches an island and is told that he is a survivor of the lost continent Mu. He must now find 24 magical tablets to uncover its secrets, together with the girl Satya and the bird Zu, while always being pursued by the evil Captain Ahab. It is a very loose adaption of the book Moby Dick.

The Lost City (S01E05)

After helping the wounded Moby Dick, Romy, Satya and Zu discover the lost city Mu under the water. After diving down to it, they are greated by Phidias, who invites them to eat with him. While Zu doesn't trust him, both Romy and Satya dig right in. After a while of residing and eating, Romy has become quite stuffed from the amount of eaten treats.

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