Creator/Developer John Fang
David Smith
Production company(s) Atomic Cartoons
Cartoon Network Studios
The Lego Group
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run February 12, 2014 - present
Genre(s) Comedy
Episodes featuring expansion 3/22+
Expansion instances 3
Expansion types featured Stuffing
Air inflation

Mixels is a short animated series, created by John Fang and Dave Smith and based on the LEGO toy theme of the same name, that first aired in February 2014. It follows the antics of various tribes of creatures known as Mixels, possessing the ability to combine with each other.

Hot Lava Shower (S01E03)

LEGO® Mixels Hot Lava Shower01:01

LEGO® Mixels Hot Lava Shower

The Infernite Max briefly inflates itself as it fixes the piping for the lava shower, unknowingly burning Krader's behind and Teslo's mouth in the process.

Bar-B-Cubes (S01E14)

LEGO® Mixels - Series 2 Episode 2 Bar B Cubes01:04

LEGO® Mixels - Series 2 Episode 2 Bar B Cubes

Gobba is fed copious amounts of Vulk and Slumbo's bar-B-cubes as well as Krader and Volectro's rock-pops despite both stands requiring the amount of mucks he has.

Mixel Moon Madness (S02E01)

Boogly briefly inflates after eating the fire from Rokit and Meltus's mix.

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