Mickey Mouse (2013 TV series)
Mickey Mouse
Creator/Developer Paul Rudish
Production company(s) Disney Television Animation
Mercury Filmworks
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run June 28, 2013 - present
Genre(s) Comedy
Episodes featuring expansion 9/32+
Expansion instances 12
Expansion types featured Weight gain
Air inflation
Liquid inflation

Mickey Mouse is a short cartoon series based on Walt Disney's Sensational Six, developed in 2013 by Paul Rudish and animated in Toon Boom at Mercury Filmworks.

Gasp! (S01E07)

Mickey's pet fish, Gubbles, somehow gets bigger after Mickey feeds him a dog treat. Mickey then later blows air into him after seeing that he is unconscious. Figaro the cat later eats him, but Gubbles manages to escape after Mickey tells him to do tricks inside his stomach.

Ghoul Friend (S01E10)

On the run from a zombie Goofy, Mickey falls down a waterfall. Being a zombie, Goofy steps out filled with water.

Third Wheel (S01E17)

Goofy constantly tries to make Minnie and Mickey's date better, or so he thinks, and starts craving food so much that he swallows the whole table, along with Minnie.

Down The Hatch (S02E05)

Mickey and Goofy are trapped in Donald's stomach after being shrunk and falling into his cup of water.

Mickey Monkey (S02E11)

Goofy eats the provisions just before a boat ride.

Doggone Biscuits (S02E14)

Minnie accidentally feeds Pluto a month's supply of dog treats in two days, resulting in an incredibly fat Pluto. She puts a sweater on him but he rips it because he is so big. During an attempt to slim the pup down with a sauna session, Minnie takes time to show she used to be fat herself before taking up the sauna. After said sauna session leaves Pluto dangerously dehydrated from being so hot, Minnie tries to undo it by giving him tap water, only to break the tap, inflating Pluto to the size of a house. After Pluto spots a mailman, Minnie uses things to motivate him to move until he returns to his normal size.

Doggone Biscuits A Mickey Mouse Cartoon Disney Shorts

Doggone Biscuits A Mickey Mouse Cartoon Disney Shorts

Bee Inspired (S04E05)

Mickey tries to perform CPR on Spike the Bee, but he winds up inflating him by accident.

Bee Inspired - A Mickey Mouse Cartoon - Disney Shorts

Bee Inspired - A Mickey Mouse Cartoon - Disney Shorts

Shipped Out (S04E06)

Mickey and Minnie go on a cruise to relax, but because they're in the VIP Experience they have to endure all the activities. There's a quick scene in a montage where both Mickey and Minnie are getting stuffed with food by the chef.

The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular! (Special 2)

Huey, Dewey, Louie, Morty, and Ferdie are stuffed after eating all the pies they stole in Mickey's final story.