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MegaMan NT Warrior, known as Rockman.EXE in Japan, is a manga and anime series based on the Mega Man Battle Network video game series, a spin-off of the Mega Man franchise. The manga debuted in 2001 with the anime series broadcast a year later, both finishing in 2006.

The series follows fifth-grader Lan Hikari and his friends as they use their NetNavis, Lan's being MegaMan.EXE, to stop NetCrime organizations from producing any threats.

The Great Curry Battle (S01E31)

Being a lover of curry, Lan tries all different kinds of curry while on vacation, eventually fattening himself up for a while.

Chisao's in Town (S01E54)

Lan stuffs himself with curry, and so do his friends.

Commander Beef Returns (S02E32)

Lan, Maylu, Tory and Rush stuff themselves with sushi.

Jawaii Curry and Tomahawk (S03E12)

Lan becomes rivals with Dingo, also a fan of curry, and so perform an eating contest against each other. When it turns out to be a draw, they settle for a NetBattle with their bellies still stuffed with curry.

Pink Punch Meiru (S03E28)

Wishing Upon an Empty Can (S05E09)

Blackbeard and Yuika bloat themselves up emptying a whole pile of cans.

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