Mashin Hero Wataru is a Super Robot anime franchise produced by Sunrise, originally lasting from April 1988 to March 1991 with a final third series airing from October 1997 to September 1998. It follows Wataru Ikusabe, a 9-year-old boy transported by a dragon into a magical realm named Soukaizan, of which he finds himself saving from an evil ruler.


In order to wake a girl up, Himiko drinks all the water from a lake to use the Ninjitsu Art of spraying water.

The Big Adventure (S01E25)

The woman who captured Geromi has gained weight during her marriage, according to an old photograph.

As the heroes have shrunken down, Himiko gets distracted by a piece of cake larger than she is and her aftermath remains until they leave the room.


Himiko inflates herself in order to clear sand storm.