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Mario & Luigi is a series of role playing games made by Nintendo and AlphaDream. Each game features the titular duo going on an adventure, fighting evil, and doing an assortment of side-quests along the way.

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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

When Mario drinks from some fountains, he can become Pump Mario. He also looks like this after getting the Chuckola Reserve needed for Queen Bean.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Baby Mario can drink from some fountains to use the Baby Pump ability, which is quite similar to Pump Mario. Ironically, adult Mario is unable to use that ability in this game.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Many Toads are infected with a disease called the Blorbs, making them swell to a large, round size. They are cured when the Miracle Cure is used.

When Bowser returns to his castle, he sees that Fawful has turned it into a theater and brainwashed his minions. After beating Midbus, Bowser is treated to a banquet and gets fat from eating so much. He gets stuck in the floor, giving Fawful the chance to get Princess Peach out of his body. He literally burns off the weight on the treadmill Fawful and Midbus leave for him.

Mario can become Balloon Mario by inhaling the air from vents, allowing him and Luigi to reach higher spots.

Mario can also become Pump Mario by drinking water from fountains. However, this ability is only used late in the game, unlike previous Mario & Luigi games.

One of the Special Moves the brothers get is Snack Basket. When used, Luigi eats a bunch of falling sweets, becoming huge and bloated. He is thrown in the air by Mario, and creates a shockwave upon hitting the ground.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

After Antasma is finally defeated, he inflates and explodes.

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