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Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (Hoshi no Kirby [Kirby of the Stars] in Japan) is an anime series based on Nintendo's Kirby franchise. It was made by Warpstar Inc., which was formed from a joint investment between Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, Inc.

Kirby, a young Star Warrior, crash lands near Cappy Town in Dream Land. There he becomes friends with Tiff, Tuff, and the other residents. King Dedede doesn't particularly like Kirby, so he often plans to get rid of him, usually by ordering monsters from Nightmare Enterprises, headed by the evil Nightmare. Kirby has to defeat these monsters, hone his abilities, and eventually stop Nightmare's plans.

Junk Jam (E33)

Kirby battles Fire Lion as Fire Kirby. He defeats the monster by inflating it with his own fire and sending it flying into the sea.

Kirby Takes the Cake (E51)

When Kirby becomes Bomb Kirby, the transformation sequence has him inflate and explode. This happens again in five other episodes: A Half-Baked Battle (E57), Right Hand Robot (E78), Mumbies Madness (E84), A Sunsational Surprise/ A Sunsational Puzzle (E85), and Fright to the Finish (E100).

Fitness Fiend (E61)

After eating too many chips, King Dedede and Kirby get fat.

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