Kim Possible
Creator/Developer Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
Production company(s) Walt Disney Television Animation
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run June 7, 2002 - September 7, 2007
Genre(s) Action
Episodes featuring expansion 4/87
Expansion instances 5
Expansion types featured Stuffing
Weight gain

Kim Possible is a Disney action-comedy cartoon series created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle that, since its run from 2002 to 2007, is considered the fourth longest running animated Disney series.

The title character is a teenage girl who lives a typical, problematic life when she is not fighting crime with her boyfriend Ron Stoppable and his pet naked mole rat Rufus.

Animal Attraction (S01E18)

Rufus and Ron get stuffed from too much of Pop Pop's Mini Corn Dogs. Later on a conveyor belt, Rufus saves Ron and Kim by eating all the corn dogs in Ron's pocket, getting fat and waddling over to the button to halt the conveyer belt.

Exchange (S02E11)

Rufus appears full after eating all the sushi given to Ron.

Trading Faces (S04E03)

Camille Leon plumps up slightly while morphing back to her usual form when she is arrested.

Grande Size Me (S04E07)

Ron Stoppable proves the Wheel of Good Eating wrong by filming a documentary called "Grande Size Me" (a parody of the 2004 McDonald's documentary Super Size Me), where he everyday he eats so much Bueno Nacho food that he turns into a giant, yellow, Hulk-like mutant due to a vat of serum he fell into at an investigation at HenchCo.