Killer instinct is a video game created by Rare for the SNES. It's a fighting game that was inspired by Mortal Kombat with the option of being able to overkill your enemy at the end of the final round in the match using what is dubbed as a "No Mercy" finishing move or by punishing an enemy with a hyper extensive combo called an Ultra Combo (Also inspired by Mortal Kombat's hyper combo finishers called Brutalities except the enemy does not explode from the final hit in Killer Instinct). However, the amount of blood, gore and violence in this game is noticeably more tame than Mortal Kombat's level of horror. The "No Mercy" finishing moves in Killer Instinct are a little more toned down, silly and toonish compared to Mortal Kombat's gruesome Fatalities.

There is a dinosaur character in Killer Instinct named Riptor who has a No Mercy move that involves lunging at the enemy before the target cries out in horror as the screen fades to black. Once the screen fades back in, we see Riptor on the ground with a bloated belly (rips a burp and fart in the arcade version). It is heavily implied that the dinosaur had eaten the enemy.

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