Kapitan Bomba (Captain Bomb) - Polish adult cartoon made as a satire of sci-fi movies like Star Wars, Star Trek and others. It became critically acclaimed in Poland, despite it's simple, child-like humor relying on swearwords and phallic simbols.

Cud Życia (S02E58)

Michał Głuś the alien, vores his wife during his mating process, which involves eating impregnated mate to then lay eggs.

Gdzie sikorka mówi ja piedolę (S02E74)

Alien Sultan's mom swells up due to calcium.

Jachaś sideseason (from S02E95 to S02E101)

After Jachaś the alien got chosen as the leader of the Star Fleet, all soldiers excluding Captain Bomb but including his friends, Sebek and Janusz get fat due to free pizza.

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