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Johnny Bravo is a Cartoon Network original series created by Van Partible. Its pilot first aired in 1995 and popularity gave it a full-fledged series in 1997, ending in 2004 with four seasons. A notable change is that the humor is not as mature in the second and third seasons, being aimed at a younger audience. The show centers on a muscular and dimwitted man who tries and fails to get women to date him, usually with comedic slapstick.

Jumbo Johnny (S01E10a)

Johnny buys a protein drink called "Uber Mass". Since Johnny doesn't want to wait for six weeks to gain even more muscle, he drinks the entire six pack. This results in Johnny being fatter than muscular. He drinks another can which makes him grow to 50 feet. He remains this way when searching for the man who sold him the product.
Johnny Bravo Johnny Gains Weight Cartoon Network

Johnny Bravo Johnny Gains Weight Cartoon Network

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Law and Disorder (S03E04b)

Lion Tamer Short

A Walk on the Stupid Side

The Man with the Golden Gut

Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood

In the beginning of the movie, Johnny is fat from eating lots of junk food, looking like the has-been the program he's watching says he is.