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Jimmy Two-Shoes is a Canadian cartoon series created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott that ran from February 2009 to July 2011. Originally intended for a more mature audience, the series is about Jimmy, the happiest boy living the most miserable town, Miseryville, populated by demons and monsters. He attempts to bring his cheer to the town with the help of his friends, an evil genius (originally the spirit of a serial killer) named Heloise and a lazy monster named Beezy.

I Totally Shredded My Cheese (S01E01a)

People gain weight from drinking Diet Chunk, which Jimmy became the spokesperson of.

Ghost Smackers (S01E10b)

When Lucius plans to turn Whane, the ghost of pizza crust's past, into a Misery Inc. product, Beezy (whom Whane was haunting) has to eat him to save him, even though he doesn't like pizza crusts.

The Product Tester (S01E12b)

Jimmy tests the Bully Soda Pop Dispenser, but has fun with it when it's supposed to make him miserable. Later, he and Beezy eat the remaining sludge ice cream after it fails to create misery.

Catalogue of Misery (S01E13a)

To pay off a bill, Jimmy makes deliveries for Lucius, one being food to a poor family.

There Will Be Chocolate (S01E26b)

Jimmy Two-Shoes - 126b - There Will Be Chocolate HD

Jimmy Two-Shoes - 126b - There Will Be Chocolate HD

Jimmy and his friends eat Lucius' secret Chocolate Reservoir, with an obvious outcome.

Spring Broke (S02E05a)

Beezy eats a bunch of rocks, mistaking it for a buffet.