Season 1 Episode 13: The Delicious School

After filling in for a teacher to get free food, Zorori gets hit with a wall of water and appears bloated.

Season 1 Episode 51: Is This the End of Zorori?

After being revived by Great King Enma, the gang devours the giant Takoyaki that crushed them.

Season 1 Episode 52: Hooked on Zorori!

The gang gets stuffed after eating food made by a talking castle.

Season 2 Episode 9: Let's Go To The Hot Spring

While trying to steal a valuable item, Zorori used his mouth to remove it and water was forced down him.

Season 2 Episode 55: Zorori and Cinderella

After seeing the results of Cinderella's step-sisters stuff themselves on expensive super-servant Sabatian's cooking, Zorori bests it by dumping more trash than it can vaccuum up.

Season 3 Episode 45: The Out Of Control Robot Maid

After activating a robot maid Zorori and his friends found, the robot constantly feeds Zorori and his friends making them very fat.

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