Hoze Houndz is a 1999 Candain animated series that follows the misadventures of six dogs who work as fire fighters in the town of Bonehead Hollow

Bad Medicine (S01E06b)

Hozer in his firefighter suit gets inflated from a hose and floats around the building

Game Overkill (S03E02b)

Squirt, during his hallucination as the hero of his favourite video game, defeats one of a lizard mook by inflating it with his fire hose.

The Eye of Squirt (S4,E04b)

Squirt ate some magical food that made him gain weight/inflate to the ceiling

The Sumo of All Fears

An alien decided to join a sumo contest, so it uses a ray gun to make things into food crisp when hit to eat. Once he ate a lot, he's now sumo sized throughout the episode until the end once he bursts.