Homestar Runner is a Flash cartoon series created by Matt and Mike Chapman, known collectively as The Brothers Chaps. It debuted in January 2000 and ran until going on hiatus from December 2010, and came back in 2014 with semi-regular updates.

A Jumping Jack Contest

Homestar "dranking too many melonades"01:20

Homestar "dranking too many melonades"


Strong Bad's first attempt to cheat at the contest is to fill Homestar up, and eventually Homestar is bulging with Melonade.

Bronco Trolleys

If you manage to get a score of 15 or more, Homestar ends up looking stuffed.

helium (Strong Bad Email #38)

When Strong Bad and Strong Mad are trying out helium voices, The Cheat tries the same but the balloon's helium goes back into him instead. Homestar confuses him for an "ugly bird".

Ballad of the Sneak

The Sneak, the 1930s version of The Cheat, is bloated for a shot, having ate all of one of the Barbershop Trio's Fluffy Puff confections.

licensed (Strong Bad Email #190)

The Cheat swells up like a balloon again, this time because of an allergic reaction to Bubs' unlicensed Strong Bad branded ferret ointment. Homestar also calls The Cheat an "ugly bird" again.

Later That Night...

After Strong Sad lists the other food mascots he could have dressed up as, he spontaneously gains some extra weight.

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