Harvey Beaks
Harvey Beaks Logo
Creator/Developer C.H. Greenblatt
Production company(s) Nickelodeon Animation Studios
Country(s) of origin United States
Original run March 28, 2015 - TBA 2017
Genre(s) Comedy
Episodes featuring expansion 1/41+
Expansion instances 1
Expansion types featured Stuffing
Weight gain

Harvey Beaks is a Nickelodeon cartoon series created by C.H. Greenblatt that debuted in March 2015. The titular character is a blue, good-natured bird who spends his daily activity with his rebellious friends Fee and Foo in a magical forest called Littlebark Grove, inhabited by many kinds of fictitious and natural creatures.

The Split (S02E14a)

Spending his time with Fee and Foo, Harvey makes himself the "perfect sandwich". He appears slightly bloated afterwards. However, when Dade tries to be friends with him due to a fight between him and Fee, he feeds him more sandwiches than he can already handle, fattening him up excessively.

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