Gawayn logo
Creator/Developer Jan Van Rijsselberge
Production company(s) Gaumont-Alphanim
Mondo TV
Country(s) of origin Italy
Original run 2008 - ?
Genre(s) Adventure
Episodes featuring expansion 5/104
Expansion instances 5
Expansion types featured Weight gain

Gawayn is a French/Italian animated series created by Jan Van Rijsselberge, debuting in Italy in 2008. The story takes place in a Camelot, where a young knight-in-training named William is joined by his mentor, Sir Roderick, and his two equally young friends, an apprentice sorceress named Elspeth and a sage-in-training named Xiao Long, to undo a curse that causes the Princess Gwendolyn to shrink.

Try, Try Again (S01E02)

Roderick is hailed as the Fish King by a group of islanders who plan to sacrifice him - once he has eaten his 26th pizza, he will get thrown into the volcano. Roderick remains fat from the pizzas until Elspeth uses the book of spells to turn him into a spaceship.

Hey Dude, Where’s My Gwenmobile? (S01E26)

The gang have to eat the most digusting "food" imaginable. Roderick is okay with this, but the rest try to imagine it as something else. They all end up walking out with full bellies, their book of spells included.

The Great Bake-Off (S02E07)

Gwendolyn tries a piece of cake, which does not change her figure until she shrinks down.

Baby Questers (S02E19)

Gawayn 219 Exploradores Mirins10:58

Gawayn 219 Exploradores Mirins


Gwendolyn tries some berries that make her grow taller and fatter. When Roderick eats giant fruit that de-ages him to a baby, she has to act as a mother to him.

The Purse (S02E37)

Gwendolyn stuffs her belly with a whole birthday cake.

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